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Friends of the community perform in, "Voices Unite," sharing the collaged, anonymous writings from a Transforming Trauma workshop.

Bunnell Street Arts Center, April 2012

Homer, Alaska

Art happening among art! 

Multi-media artists Esther Hong and Don Mohr exhibit, "Standing Still"


Writing and Performance Strategies for Survivors of

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

This residency project is designed to empower and unite women of all cultural, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds together through their common bond of victimization. From conducting sexual assault prevention programs with educational institutions and women’s centers across the country, to experiencing the devastating effects of sexual violence herself, Sarah Jane leads the group with sensitivity through the workshop process, knowing firsthand the empowerment and healing that can result from the sharing of one’s trauma.

In a nurturing environment, the survivors will be taught to share their personal story through writing exercises and improvisational techniques. Through this sharing we discover hope, comfort and strength through the universality of our experiences. Exploring the lasting effects of violence with fellow survivors, the participant is encouraged to release the fear, humiliation and self blame that can often plague victims for years following their assault. Taught theatrical strategies and aesthetics, the participants are guided through the process of giving and receiving artistic feedback and emotional support. Sarah Jane hopes to provide a pathway that allows each survivor to move forward through their trauma, celebrate their bodies and to reclaim their voice.

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